Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daily Beer Digest - 04.01.2011

Sierra Nevada will be releasing a mixed 12-pack with four of its "Beer Camp" beers, including Weizenbock, Juniper Black Ale, California Common, and the very well-regarded Ghidorah Double IPA.

Goose Island's new brewmaster--Brett Porter--discusses his new position on WGN radio.

Fritz Maytag and Ken Grossman give the keynote address at Craft Brewers Conference 2011.

Jean Van Roy, Cantillon's master blender, speaks at CBC 2011.

It looks like Captain Lawrence has some new sour offerings in the works, as it has received label approvals for a raspberry and a cherry blend. The labels appear to be part of the brewery's Barrel Select series, something which I've hoped would become an East Coast Veritas, though they haven't released any bottles in the series since Barrel Select Batch 1.

Russian River is turning 7, and is celebrating the month of April with free shipping on all online orders.

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