Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Port High Tide Fresh Hop IPA

Poured into my trusty unlabeled tulip glass. Thanks to Freddie at Beverages4less, Inc. for getting those bottles out to Amyliz4 and me so quickly.

Pours a slightly-hazed bright peach skin color with a two and a half finger head and a good deal of sticky spiderweb lacing on the way down. Head isn't too hick and is quite bubbly. Quarter-inch head remains throughout.

The initial nose after a good swirl brings a bit of dank hops. Coming back for more, I get a bit of light citrus and tropical fruits. Some light papaya, maybe. A bit of orange zest. In the end, fairly faint and I would certainly expect more out of any fresh hop, especially one from Port. Nothing over the top, but some really nice subtle characteristics.

The taste goes in a different direction and the bitterness is quite forward. Some really grassy, herbal fresh hops. Not incredibly bitter, as there's more actual hop flavor and the freshness is definitely noticeable. Throughout and as it warms up, I really get some light grassy notes and a bit of straw. This is from the hops as there's no noticeable malt, but really not bringing the hop onslaught I would hope for given the brewery's description of this as having large amounts of fresh Centennial and Chinook hops.

Feel is a bit light with low--though acceptance--levels of carbonation and a moderate amount of bitterness. It seems that this and the flavor are both improving as the beer warms closer to room temperature. No detectable sweetness, though this is not completely dry. This is certainly a good beer, though it fails to live up to the expectations I have very an excellent fresh-hopped IPA.

Beer Advocate grade: B+ - 3.85

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Epic Beer Tasting - 10.03.2010

Here are a few photos of DC area beer tasting this past Sunday. Participants included Ben (bmanning) and Heather, Matt (drabmuh) and Krissi, and Pete (Azurelimits).

Full lineup includes:

Narke Kaggen! Stormaktsporter (2007)
Cantillon Don Quijote
Southampton Berliner Weisse
Lost Abbey Veritas 003
Drie Fonteinen Gueuze (Vintage Edition) (2006)
Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze (2007)
Captain Lawrence Smoke From The Oak - Wine
Old Inventory Barleywine
Troegs Scratch 33
Rogue Double Chocolate Stout growler
Cantillon Cuvee St.-Gilloise
French Broad Wee Heavy-est
Highland Imperial Black Mocha Stout
Odell Broubon Barrel Stout
HaandBryggeriet Dark Force
Brooklyn Detonation Ale growler
Left Hand / Terrapin Oxymoron IPL
Lost Abbey Deliverance
Deschutes Black Butte XX
Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock (not pictured)
Fullsteam Carolina Common growler (not pictured)

Close ups:

Mad Fox Barrel Project

It's great to see that Mad Fox has got its barrel project going, and that everything is out for the world to see. We were really excited when Mad Fox opened and we got a well-needed source of great local craft beer. Given how good the Wee Heavy is, I am especially excited to taste what eventually comes out of these!

Firestone XIV

Picture with a white board representing what could be the final blend of Firestone's 14th Anniversary Ale. Really excited that this will be making its way to Virginia, and hopefully in larger quantities than the small amount of Firestone XIII that made its way out here.