Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daily Beer Digest -- 08.04.2011

Today is International IPA Day.

Stillwater is releasing an oak wine barrel-aged version of Cellar Door. This is part of its barrel-aged series; the brewery previously got label approval for a bourbon barrel-aged version of Existent.

Miller Lite has a problem with sales. Vortex bottle and triple hops brewed no longer effective selling points? That's too bad. Granted, this is from an advertising periodical, but I love how the article points out that the solution isn't making a better beer, but "to find marketing solutions" to the problem. Miller is on top of the problem, though, assuming "record rainfall" doesn't "limit beer occasions" in future quarters.

The Bruery has been active on Twitter lately, posting a photo of their raspberry sour blending session, as well as a photo of the groundbreaking for their new warehouse, which will hold a whole bunch of new barrels. The barrel-room expansion was discussed previously here.

Hair of the Dog's Adam from the Wood debuts on the Beer Advocate Top 100 at #94 with 21 reviews and a 4.63 average.

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