Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Batch III - Kukulcan Imperial Mayan Stout Redux

01.11.2011 - Trying again--hopefully without a massive blowoff experience this time. Made a starter of 3 quarts of tap water along with 10 ounces of DME. Boiled for 15 minutes with 1/8 tsp Wyeast yeast nutrient. Split the volume into two growlers and pitch a room-temperature vial of WLP001 into each. Covered with aluminum foil.

01.15.2011 - Brewday activity and recipe:


  1. Sounds good. What makes it Mayan (the chocolate?)

  2. Ah, yes...I didn't post the whole thing. Eventually it'll be getting cocoa nibs, cinnamon, vanilla beans, and chili peppers. From my cursory Internet reading, the Mayans started making the precursors to hot chocolate long ago and often added other things to the mix and then the Aztecs expanded upon this.